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R.C. – U.S.A. said:
I watched two sample lesson video's. The unit taught me the importance of the teacher's attitude, manner, and teaching style. While watching the first video you could feel that the students were uncomfortable. The lesson structure and content, has also a big impact on the lesson. When the teacher started in with eliciting animals from the students, the students already felt comfortable because it was something they already knew. In the first lesson the teacher started with asking the students about auxiliary verbs. The students didn't know the concept auxiliary verb, so it was very hard for them to come up with examples. I learned from this unit that from my earlier experiences as a social worker, I am very focussed on motivating and activating my students. Since I am not experienced in teaching English, it was very useful to see an example video, with the reactions of the students. It has a big impact on a lesson, how you prepare a lesson. For example, what activities support the explanation of a subject, and what examples/activities level with the level of the students.