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I think the thing that I learned the most about in this section was about the over head projectors. I think my first though was that it was a regular projector. Then after reading about it, I remembered that as a child in elementary school this was a teachers aid during that time. I can see from this text why some people wanted to use this as a teaching tool. I think the things that I learned also about was the interactive whiteboards. I think it made me think about not depending solely on one teaching tool. We need to be prepared if the technology doesn't work. If there is a malfunction.There is a huge difference with the class atmosphere. The first class was very tense, serious and intimidating. While the second class was very fun, lively and full of information. The teacher in the first class in my opinion couldn't really deliver a good information of the lesson point. On the other hand, the teacher in the second class while being very lively and friendly, could give a very clear information of the lesson point. Teacher's mood and way to lead a class really affects the students. Therefore, teachers need to prepare and try to deliver the lesson point as good as possible.