TESOL Tangshan

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V.F. – Spain said:
This unit explores the four present tenses, the present simple, the present continuous, the present perfect and the present perfect continuous. We start with the present simple and learn about how to form the tense, and in what situations it can be used ( for example for routines or general facts.) We are also provided with some teaching ideas for this tense, and some possible problems the students may encounter while studying the present simple. We move on to the present continuous and a similar structure is followed, we learned that the present continuous is primarily used for present actions that are occurring right now, or around the time of speaking. It is also used for background events in present stories. We continue with the present perfect and the present perfect continuous, both of which are used to link past events to the present. Some of the uses can be similar, but the present perfect continuous emphasizes the duration of the action its continuity. In this unit I learnt to distinguish the present tenses from each other, by their formations and usages. I also gained some insight into how to teach them effectively.