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Just as a note - I think questions 6-9 could be more clear on this test. During question 6 for example, I ultimately chose option: \"Brief class discussion about a visit to the zoo.\", however I wish that it would have specified who exactly is doing the talking. I am under the assumption that the teacher is doing the vast majority of the talking and that perhaps some visual aids are being used in the talk for some stimulation. For this reason, I think that this is suitable for an \"Engage\" activity. Overall, the Lesson Planning Unit was an informative one. It was a unit in which everything regarding the ESA method was pieced together and I could see how everything synchronizes. I think it was great that the unit advocated different Lesson Planning tactics for different individuals as well, because finding your own style as a teacher is very important. Some lesson planning suggestions and ideas were given, which I may find myself incorporating into my future plans.