TESOL Wellington Kentucky

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In this lesson we learned the difference between an effective lesson plan, and a non-effective lesson plan. Firstly I would like to mention I enjoyed the idea that the teachers attitude in the beginning of a class, can have a profound effect on the mood for the duration of the rest of the classroom. A simple smiling gesture, and introductions can lighten up the mood. As well as higher the level of of participation, and encouragement for our students. The success of the second lesson was due to sticking to a well organized lesson plan, and ESA structure format. The teacher was positively engaging all students equally. Creating good rapport, by calling on each individual. I also enjoyed seeing his use of gestures, and mimes. This is something I would like to focus on for my own class activities. Overall the class was engaged, had a thorough study phase, and were able to activate the knowledge received from the study activities.