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Intonation changes concern sentences and stress corncerns single words in a clause. Falling intonation indicates that the speaker has finished and doesn't require an answer. Rising intonation means that we expect a reply to what we have just said. For example we can use it when asking: You are not sick, are you? Flat intonation may mean that the speaker is not very interested in communication or that he has not much to say. Auxiliary verbs aren't usually stressed, exept when they emphasize a fact, for example when we say: She DIDN'T write this letter, we want to correct previous statement that she wrote this letter. Two-syllable verbs are stressed on the second syllable (i.e. correct), two-syllable adjectives (i.e. lovely) and nouns (i.e. colour) are stressed on the first syllable. Compound verbs and adjectives are stressed on the second part (i.e. overflow, overreact) , and compound nouns are stressed on the first part (i.e. postcard).