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As I read through the material on future and present tenses, I was able to make connections with the previous units and identify a pattern in the various forms. It was easier for me to understand and identify the correct tenses on the task sheet because I have been previously exposed to simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous forms in past tenses. This framework can be used to the advantage of learners, and can be presented in a similar way to students. Learning the key differences between the different tenses is extremely productive in successfully differentiating between them.This unit discussed the different types of conditionals in grammar. This unit was very helpful to me because it showed me the basic structures for each of the conditionals. Like the unit said, conditionals are often difficult to understand and there is a high probability to confuse them and get them wrong. I will be using this unit in the future to help myself tell the difference between the conditionals and as an aid for my class. The third and mixed conditional are somewhat confusing to me, but I hope to use the examples and descriptions provided to learn more about when each one is used.