TESOL Whaleys Corners Delaware

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I would enjoy having a class that had a level where we could really start doing more with their speaking. At the moment my students are only at the stage of learning vocabulary, phonics, the alphabet, and simple sentences such as \"I like...\" \"I don't like...\" etc. When I teach them writing I utilize their listening skills the most to test their hearing and see if they can convert what they hear onto paper. I find that it's a great way to gauge where each student is in terms of their listening and writing skills. I would love to eventually get to a point where I can recite a sentence, for example, and they will be able to write it. And, as the unit suggested, if they got to a point where they can start writing short stories based on a series of pictures that I show them I would feel elated! There's definitely a lot of activities that I can do regardless of the students' level in English, however, that is where I want to eventually get with them!