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K.N. - Canada said:
This Unit taught about teaching and receptive skills. It explained how we learn from reading and listening and why some information is memorized faster than other. It also mentions the two main reasons for reading and listening, which are 'the purpose' and 'for entertainment'. Later on, the UNit also reflects how to approach teaching texts that may include unknown vocabulry to students and explains that 'authentic' texts are not the most approriate depending on a student's knowledge and/or English level. The grammatical part speaks about 'adjective' and making 'comparisons' as well as putting words/vocabularies into context. From my own experience I can tell that this is a topic where still many mistakes are being made or problems occur, as students, especially at the beginners (eventually intermediate) level have problems making those kind of associations, if the rest of the sentences is not understood either due to missing vocabulary. I guess that this is the purpose of what this Unit is supposed to teach. Making sure, that student get it right by association or pre-teaching some difficult words. Students with a higher English level may be able to make associations themselves. Conclusion: I found this Unit to be clear in it's explanations and therefore fairly easy to understand. Furthermore, the topics were also interesting and helpful.