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P.H. - Luxembourg said:
This unit put into solid and concrete words teaching methods that I have been doing instinctually. Having taught primarily in Baltimore City Public Schools; place ripe with discipline issues for a whole slew of reasons beyond what is listed here, I found this lesson to be pretty much spot on. I agreed with all proposed methods of maintaining control and discipline, however I felt it was lacking a few key points. First and foremost, I feel that it is important to not lavish attention on a student acting out. After all, negative attention is still attention, and in many cases they act out because this is what they desire. Speaking to the student after class was mentioned in the lesson, however I feel that it is important to clarify that one should not be expending a lot of energy and focus on problem children during the lesson as it takes away from energy and focus for other students as well. One follow up to this is, while reprimanding a student, it is important that the feelings they had which led them to act out are not brushed aside, and that the teacher affirms the student that their feelings and emotions are valid, but acting out is not the way to deal with those.