TESOL Yingcheng

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H.S. - China said:
In this unit we compared the effectiveness of two different classes. In the first class we were shown a teacher who lacked enthusiasm, seems annoyed throughout the lesson, spoke too quickly, and used grammar terminology without explanation. His directions seemed to confuse the students and as a result there was little student talk time and students were bored and probably too intimidated to speak since the teacher also kept stating how easy the lesson was. In short, the lesson lacked clarity, was unorganized, and the teacher had no joy in teaching which made for a very sad classroom experience. The second demonstration, in contrast, showed a friendly, up beat teacher, who had very good rapport with the students, was engaged throughout the entire lesson, and provided simple, clear instruction. The result showed a classroom where students felt comfortable to participate and lesson that was organized and held the students' focus throughout. Through these demonstrations I could clearly see how the teacher's attitude was a key factor in the students' learning. And also how simple, clear instruction along with effective use of eye contact, gestures and humor really help to hold interest in the classroom. Also especially helpful to me was seeing a real-life demonstration of an ESA lesson plan in action.