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M.T. - U.S.A. said:
This unit is all above some common problems that teachers face in the classroom and how possible solutions to the problems.I learnt that during the first lesson the teacher may face either New group which is a group were students dont know each other and a rapport need to be establish between the class members or Existing group where students are likely to know eachother.In the first group the teacher needs to establish rapport , find out about the students , find out the students needs and aspirations with English etc.Some activities like survey, questionaire, pass the ball game, etc will be very helpful.Moreso Warmers are very important before a lesson and some warmer ideas like hangman( useful in teaching vocabulary or new words ),pictionary,tongue twisters etc.Also i learnt the ways that a teacher can use when teaching different levels like : same material , different tasks( stronger students longer and more compicated tasks),pair stronger students with weaker ones etc .Furthermore , problems in larger class can be solve through the use of worksheets,pair/group work,choral repetition and so on .Finally , I learnt students should be encourage to use only English where appriopriate, most respond in Englis rather than their native language.Use plenty of pairwork,controlled activities ,role-play ,tape recorder are some useful ideas to encourage relunctant students or encourage students to speak.