TESOL Yongkang

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A.S. - Portugal said:
The classroom can be managed in many ways. The teacher can group students as individuals, pairs, small groups or a class. Each one can have its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the teacher can decide how the seating arrangement should be. He/she can choose from orderly rows, separate tables, circles and horseshoes. With that, it?s important the way the teacher is positioned in the classroom. This will depend on what stage of the lesson he/she is in whether one stands, moves around or sits. Furthermore, there is a fine balance between teacher talk time and student talk time. While the teacher must present new information, provide clarification, give instructions and establish rapport, the students need to have as much time as possible to interact and practice English. Moreover, maintaining discipline can be quite the balancing act as well. I learned that there are positives and negatives when separating students into different sized groups. One may be important for a certain activity one day and the next day, it could change. Also, I didn?t realize there were ways to prevent problem behavior in the classroom. I learned the teacher does their best preventing any problems and if things don?t work out, discipline must follow.