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Z.P. - Spain said:
This unit takes us through the various possible problems situations that may occur: First lesson: The challenge could be to warm up the class, as it is likely that the students don't know each other or the teacher. Teachers could use fun games such as Pictionary, tongue twisters and pass the ball to create a good rapport and to motivate students to learn. Different Levels: There could be students with very different language levels or competence levels put in one class. Teachers can work their way around it by pairing stronger students with weaker ones, by using same material but different tasks or using different material for different student groups altogether. Large Class: Teachers can ensure participation from all students by using worksheets, ensuring the board work is visible to all, by choral reputation instead of individual repetition and appointing group leaders to manage the class. Native Language: This could be curtailed by ways such as constant remind to the students to speak English and responding only when spoken to in English Reluctant Students: Reluctance due to intimidation and low confidence would be tackled by allowing students to record what they say outside the class so the teacher can point out to the errors, allowing students to speak in a controlled manner before expecting fluency, and using pair-work and role-plays. Difficulties with listening texts could be overcome by ensuring the quality and volume of the text and pre-teaching difficult vocabulary before the tape is played.