TESOL Zeeland North Dakota

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Learning about the different kinds of evaluations and testing was interesting, but also somewhat common-sense. Most of us who have been in school and language classes expect to take placement exams, diagnostic tests, progress tests, achievement tests, etc. Out of all of these, I think the progress and placement tests are the most important to make sure that the student is progressing in the class as well as to make sure they are placed in the right class for the right reasons. I also like the idea of an evaluation by the students. This can consist of asking If the material is good for them, asking them if they are enjoying the class, and most of all if they are learning something new and taking something away from the class. In my language clases that I have taken over the years, I don't ever recall taking an evaluation by the students test. Overall, it was a good review unit for me, and I enjoyed learning in depth the different exams.