Which online English teaching platform pays most?

Great news for those of you who have an interest in teaching overseas but are wary of committing to a single location: Teaching is ranked among the highest paying remote jobs and is rapidly becoming a popular career choice for those seeking to work from home.

What makes online teaching jobs even more appealing is not only the opportunity to earn by speaking English, but also the potential to secure English teaching positions online without any prior experience. If you are interested in globe-trotting while generating income through English communication, explore these high-paying online teaching jobs that you can undertake from anywhere around the globe with just your laptop.

Teaching English online on Preply

Preply is a digital platform for language learning that empowers students to work at their convenience and at their own pace with the tutor of their choice. In general, Preply welcomes anyone passionate about teaching to join its rapidly expanding tutor community. However, remember that they charge a commission fee for connecting you with students worldwide, supplying video tools, and creating educational resources to support your teaching journey. The commission rate decreases gradually as you accumulate hours on the platform. ITTT has formed a partnership with Preply, so if you are interested in teaching online via Preply, apply directly through our link and enjoy additional benefits as an ITTT graduate!

  • No specific qualifications required.
  • Average hourly wage: $15-25 USD.

Teaching English online on VIPKid

If your goal is to teach English online, VIPKid is among the top-paying online teaching platforms. All the tasks related to lesson planning, grading, and curriculum development are taken care of for you, enabling you to concentrate on your primary role: motivating your students. Contracts span six months and offer flexible working hours according to your convenience. Payments are made more straightforward through direct bank deposits between the 10th and 15th of each month.

  • Some previous experience, a degree, and a laptop or PC with a headset and camera are required.
  • Only U.S. and Canadian citizens.
  • Average hourly wage: $14-18 USD, with additional incentives available.

Teaching English online on Lingoda

Lingoda distinguishes itself by not requiring English fluency to teach. This Europe-based language school is on the lookout for native speakers of Spanish, German, French, and English. All classes are conducted with small groups of adult students, enabling you to work at your pace. As a teacher, you also receive a 25% discount on any language course offered by the platform.

  • Two years experience, a TESOL certificate, being a native speaker of the language you want to teach, and the ability to legally work as a freelancer are required.
  • Hourly pay is determined by your location, the language you teach, and your qualifications.

Teaching English online on Cambly

Cambly differs from other online teaching platforms. Rather than a formal curriculum, this platform enables students worldwide to log in through an app and converse with online tutors for a fee. It is your chance to get paid for speaking English. Furthermore, you can work as little or as much as you like. You can log in at your convenience or schedule a shift.

  • Native English speakers only.
  • Average wage: $0.17 per minute ($10.20 USD per hour), paid weekly via PayPal.

Teaching English online on Italki

Italki is the world's largest online language teacher marketplace, allowing you to register to teach any language in which you are fluent, ranging from Japanese to German. Another unique aspect of Italki is that you set your own pay rate. (Remember, if you charge too much, you might not attract many students).

  • Must be a native speaker of the language you want to teach.
  • There are two levels of language instruction: Community Tutor (no teaching certification required) and Professional Teacher (requires university degree, teaching certification, and professional teaching experience).

Teaching English online on Synthesis School

At Synthesis, children acquire critical thinking skills through intricate games and simulations that encourage collaborative problem-solving. Your role as a teacher is to cultivate an optimal learning environment for your students, including forming children's groups, selecting suitable challenges, and facilitating discussions to promote reflection and understanding. They are seeking candidates with experience in teaching, coaching, improv, theater, outdoor education, and other relevant fields.

  • Native English speakers only.
  • Starting salary: $50 USD per hour.

Teaching English online on English First

English First offers teaching positions in Shanghai, China, as well as online from anywhere globally. Online teachers enjoy flexible hours and can teach either children or adults, making these jobs perfect for students looking to supplement their income. EF offices are located worldwide, ensuring teachers have local support, easy communication, and prompt payment.

  • Applicants from the UK or the US only.
  • A bachelor's degree and a 40-hour minimum TESOL certificate required.
  • Average hourly wage: $12-$19 USD.

Teaching English online on Englishhunt

This online tutoring service seeks native English speakers from the United States to instruct Korean business students. You will teach adult students conversational English in one-on-one sessions lasting 10-20 minutes. The curriculum is provided, and you can work from any global location.

  • US residents only (can be living abroad).
  • 48 hours of college credits or a TESOL certificate required.
  • Average hourly wage: $10-12 USD.

Teaching English online on Palfish

Palfish is an app-based platform that lets you connect with students using your mobile device or tablet, making it one of the most flexible online teaching options. You can earn by speaking English with both adults and children. With a minimum weekly commitment of 3.5 hours, you can start immediately. Current teachers describe the experience as a simple and enjoyable way to supplement their income. You can even set your own rates!

  • US residents only (can be living abroad).
  • 48 hours of college credits or a TESOL certificate.
  • Average hourly wage: $10-12 USD.