3x3 Drilling

When learning the English language students are regularly confronted with vocabulary that is new and unfamiliar to them. In order to learn how to pronounce these words correctly the student needs to hear them being modelled by the teacher. 3x3 or choral drilling is one common technique that is often used in the classroom to aid the students in this process.

The 3x3 technique begins with the teacher clearly enunciating the new word to the class who then repeat it back as a whole group, this process is then repeated twice more. Following on from the choral drilling the teacher then indicates a single student to repeat the word back to the rest of the group, this process is then repeated twice more using different students. As well as teaching the pronunciation of new words, this technique can also be used to help students overcome common pronunciation difficulties that are caused by specific English letters and sounds that are not used in their own native language.