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This unit offers solutions to problem situations that can arise in the classroom setting. Establishing a sense of comfort and a good rapport with each new group and new student is very important as it will encourage the students to participate in the lesson. When presented with a large class worksheets, group work, clarity, and choral repetition are all helpful. A teacher will inevitably be faced with new challenges and new classroom situations. Entering the classroom with the ability to adapt and the goal of encouraging inclusion and participation is key.Equipment and teaching aids was the area covered in the unit seventeen of this course. I learned about the multitude of teaching aids and equipments that can be used in order to make lessons more interesting, effective and less dependent on the textbook. I studied about resources found in classroom and study centers: the board, interactive whiteboard, overhead projector, visual aids, worksheets and work cards, cassette recorder, CD player, videos and DVDs, video camera, dictionaries, course and resource books, photocopier, computers and online resources.