English Grammar Overview - Parts of Speech - Overview


And now it's time to have a look at our first grammar unit. Grammar in its widest sense is the structure of a language. We as speakers of the language can structure our language without a problem. However, as teachers of the language we need to be able to better analyze the grammar and the grammar that exists within statements that we make. These basic parts of grammar are called parts of speech. Each part of speech has a certain function within a sentence. Our example sentence here is "My older brother lives in Tokyo." Each one of these words is a certain part of speech, which we'll have a look at in just a minute but let's just think about the words within this particular sentence. We have ?my?, indicating whose brother it is, we have "older", indicating which brother it is. The word ?brother? indicates the person in the sentence that is doing the action. "Live" is the action within the sentence. "In" introduces the place of the action and "Tokyo" indicates the actual place of the action. Listed here are some of the more important parts of speech. Many of these categories have subcategories that we'll get into in a moment but for now what we'd like for you to do is at the end of this segment, pause your DVD.

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This module was rather unique in the sense that it creates a structure to lesson planning, which I will definitely be using in the future when I am putting my TEFL to use. I also liked how the test asked real life situations for how a lesson should be planned and how the examples follow.This lesson was long but very easy to comprehend and understand. I learned new teaching techniques. I was able to learn inotations and have become more aware of how this part of speech is very important. This lesson was very valuable and I know my students will gain much skill from this.I have learned about the various roles of the teacher and the importance of incorporating these roles instead of sticking to one role. Page 6 was helpful in learning more about adult learners and it would have been helpful for me to see more information on that page about young learners.