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Verb tenses are one of the most difficult parts of learning english as a second language. Maybe in the student's mother tongue doesn't have all the twelve tenses there are in english language, so it is hard to compare and connect in some situations. The present tenses was explained in this unit, and some exemples of mistakes the students should commit, and some exemples of activities for the activate phase, it is very good, to increase our range of possibilities as a teacher.In Unit 9 I learn that course books are written in a way that it can be used by all nationalities, but sometimes you have to tailor the lessons to fit the nationality and situation of the students your teaching. As a teacher my job would be to use my artistic ability to create materials instead of only relying on the course book which could lead to student boredom. Sometimes it will be appropriate to omit different lessons if it doesn't meet the need of the current classroom.