TESOL Dhanbad

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N.L. - China said:
There is a history of different philosophical approaches to learning English as a Second Language. The approach that ITTT uses is \"Engage, Study, Activate\". There are no strict rules about the order in which these parts of class come into play. It would be logical to begin with \"Engage\" which is more of a fun warm up portion to the class. It's important in Engage that every student participates and is allowed to experiment with the language without correction. During \"Study\" the work is more focused and based in the unit of study for the class. \"Activate\" allows the students to really work with the new concept they've learned, while being creative and also drawing in other aspects of their current English knowledge. It's as important, if not more so, to praise the student than to correct. Offering correction is a delicate process where you do not want the student to lose confidence or momentum in their language learning, but you must provide the feedback so they can continue to learn and not develop deeply ingrained inaccuracies in their usage of English.