English Grammar - Past Perfect Continuous - Teaching Ideas - TESL In this TESL training video the teaching idea for the past perfect continuous tense involves giving the students a prompt and asking them to finish it with a sensible answer in the past perfect continuous tense. For example: I didn't have dinner last night... because I had been snacking all day. She passed the test... because she had been studying hard. The past perfect continuous is a rarely used tense and is often quit confusing for learners of English as well as new English teachers. Taking a 120-hour online teaching course with ITTT will give the knowledge needed to make sure you know how to explain such tenses to students the moment you step into your first TESL classroom. /// Are you ready to live and teach abroad? Click here and get started today:

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When I started 1st watching the Video about 2nd unit to be honest ...the first 10 min was confusing But after that I did not want to live this unit unfinished .So I watched the video than I read the entire unite writing Notes and did want to be finished .....Only the Word enjoyable describe my feeling.This is a good practical unit that teaches more about the logistics of teaching a class, rather than the subject matter. We've learnt about: Teacher eye contact and body language, class layouts, student grouping, classroom issues like writing on the white board, building rapport, discipline and TTT/STT.