Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Simple Usages


The two most common usages for the present simple tense are habits and routines, as well as general facts and truths. Our example of routine would be 'I teach every Monday.' We've used our subject 'I', our base form 'teach' and 'every Monday' speaking about the routine that I have. We also have our general facts 'The sun rises in the east.' Here, 'the sun' would follow under the pronoun 'it' so we've had to conjugate our verb per our pattern and finish our sentence. We could also talk about general truths such as likes or dislikes. 'I like football,' or 'He likes football.' Of course, there are other usages but these are the two most common.

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I found this lesson to be very helpful in furthering my understanding of what building a lesson would entail as an ESL teacher. The most important of information that I gathered was to choose topics that are of interest to my students to keep them engaged and interested in the material.I have learned suitable techniques to be able to help learners of different ages and abilities. I have never worked with business English students or adult learners so it was interesting to read what would constitute a suitable lesson plan. the needs analysis form was also very helpful.This unit is very helpful in many different ways. It helps to understand the different phrasal verbs and how to use each of them. It explains how to use passive voice. It shows different ways to use the passive voice and shows how to teach it to the students. This unit was very helpful.