Productive and Receptive Skills in the ESL Classroom - Speaking Skills - Before the Lesson


For the lesson that even takes place, there are a number of things that you need to have considered. Obviously, you need a very clear idea of what it is you're expecting the students to have to do and they need to know why. It's very important before you ask them to do an activity that they have an understanding of the purpose of that activity. You should, secondly, have had a thought about what they already know. Linked to that is, will it be necessary to do any form of pre-teaching before I can expect them to do this activity and finally, we need to make sure that we have prepared all our materials and our instructions for this particular activity. So, we'll consider a straight arrow ESA lesson, the focus of which is to be speaking skills. So, we'll start with our engage and in a typical lesson, what we might do, is ask our students about the weather in their country and if they know anything about the weather in any other countries. So, throughout this engage phase, what we can be doing, is to be drawing information now from the students, getting that information up onto the board and starting to generate some interest in the topic itself.

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This unit seemed to make sense to me. It is important to teach the students correct grammar within the english language; not just the words. This unit helped with this, particularily making sure that the words have the correct useage. This will be helpful to look back on in the future.This unit is about how to maintain student’s attention and get success. Thanks to tips we know some rules that may help us to control the class, how to let student sit during the class , how to organize activity and give a chance to everyone being involved in the learning process.In this unit we look at the receptive skills,reading and listening. There's two motives for reading and listening, one is for purpose and two is for entertainment . The problems with listening and reading and also the language . Patch work lesson plan is one of the ESA method to teach.