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as it is the final unit of the course trouble shooting was more discussed based on the problems we could have regarding different groups of students we could probably have, the different activities we could use on a first lesson and how to establish rapport with the students, different ways of involving reluctant students into the lesson and also ways of involving all students in a large group. I have understood how to resolve all the problems I could probably face in my class and also what activities I should use, when and how. ThanksThrough Unit three, i have learned the various methodologies and techniques in teaching,their differences and the best methodology being ECA(Engage Study Activate)on which this course is focused on.I equally learned that PPP(Presentation,practice,production)is best for young learners and ineffective at the higher levels given that the lesson becomes teacher centered.General guides were equally given on how and when to correct students, during each of the ECA phases and proper methods on how to address issues related to lesson planning.