The Future Tenses - Other Future Forms - Present Simple & Present Continuous


Besides the actual future tenses, we can also use present tenses to talk about the future. Two of them are the present simple and the present continuous. Find out when to use which tense for future statements in this video.

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This unit explains how to teach productive skills like speaking and writing. When teaching writing; penmenship, spelling, and punctuation are the primary focuses. In speaking; fluency and pronounciation are emphasized. Group activities are important in teaching productive this unit we understand the importance of keeping a student interested by use of games and learn that writing can become tricky for a beginner student. I feel writing should only be presented to a student once they become more familiar with the language and the use of grammar.In this unit I have learnt about how we can use different games and adapt them to teach specific target language. I have also learnt how to chose the most appropriate games and what not to do. I have become more familiar how to structure a lesson plan according to the ESA method.