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A.K. – France said:
This unit was very informative for me. I got acquainted with new types of teaching technologies. Some I will try to apply in my work, for example: CLT (The communicative Language Teaching), the Task-Based Language. I liked the detailed description of the stages of the lessons - elements 'ESA' - Engage, Study and Activate. And also the activities at each stage of the lesson, a detailed description of the examples. For me, the first phase is difficult. It is an element ? Engage ?. This is especially evident in the work with younger schoolchildren. They are more difficult to involve in a lesson, as they have little experience in learning the language. An interesting description of the lesson a 'Patchwork' ESA lesson. This allows the teacher to use as much of his lesson resources as possible. And also it's good that you can add your own variants of the lesson steps. To help the teacher in this unit describes the methods for correcting the activities of students. This is a very difficult question in the teaching method. The teacher needs maximum attention to this topic, to help the students, and not to harm them. This topic should be carefully studied and carefully corrected.