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In this unit, we learned about some different methodologies of TEFL such as the Lexical Approach, the Silent Way, Task-Based Learning, etc. The one we focused on was the Engage-Study-Activate(ESA) method. A lesson does not have to be taught in the \"straight-arrow\" ESA sequence; it can also be taught in a \"boomerang\" sequence (EASA), or a \"patchwork\" containing any order as long it begins with Engage and ends with Activate. We were also given a number of Engage, Study, and Activate phase examples, my favourites being Information Search, Word Searches, and Role-play for each phase respectively. Another important thing gone over is the distinction between when a student makes a mistake, and an error. A mistake is easily corrected while an error may be more deeply ingrained and harder to correct because the student may believe what they're saying is correct.