The Past Tenses - Overview - Past Simple and Past Continuous


In this video, we provide you with a useful overview of the various past tenses. We focus here especially on the differences between the past simple and past continuous.

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I learned that you cannot completely depend on text books in your lessons. You have to adapt the material to fit your student group and their interests. Also authentic material is very important but if used too early it can defeat the student and cause more harm than good. ThanksThe unit 13 contained complaex overview of teaching pronunciation and phonology. This is certainly the topic which is not the main one for the class therefore it is usually forgotten. I believe by tongue twisters it can be a good beginning for the class: it's fun and educational.This is another technical section like the previous tense sections. Again these are concepts that will take me quite a bit of studying to figure all of these out. I will probably get a live tutor sometime in the future to work with me on the basics of all of the different tenses.