Conditionals and Reported Speech - Special Cases in Reported Speech


This video covers special cases in reported speech that do not follow the typical pattern. This video is specifically aimed at teaching reported speech in an ESL setting.

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THIS UNIT HAS BEEN SO COMPLEX FOR ME BUT AM FINALLY DONE WITH IT. THE ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICES ARE OK. THE PROBLEM WAS WITH THE PHRASAL VERBS. TRANSITIVE AND INTRANSITIVE. I HOPE WITH PRACTICE I GET BETTER. IT HAS BEEN A TOUGH ONE SO FAR THOUGH. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT OF COURSE.As someone who has undertaken foreign language classes before, I can relate to it being a little easier to pick up reading and listening skills. This unit helped with how that learning can be strengthened in order to help the student move to the next phase with productive skills.Again, it has been a good revision for me to do this test. I like doing grammar tests and reflect on the rules. This unit gave me an opportunity to do a revision and past tenses and to see if I still need to work on them. Anyway, I think it is always good to do regular revisions.