Conditionals and Reported Speech - The Third Conditional


The third conditional is used when speaking about regrets and excuses. This video is specifically aimed at teaching the third conditional in an ESL setting.

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This unit about past tenses really helped me better understand the different forms of past tense and how I can best teach them to my current students and to those I teach in the future. As well, it has helped me to better understand the mistake and use of present and past tense.I never study this kind of lessons before,and Its so confusing!I need to concentrate and very careful on how to used all this kind of conditionals and reported speech,reading often it will sink in slowly and step by step on brain,and added to my knowledge and I learned a things.Conditionals and reported speech was very knowledgeable unit. Just learning the little things like how to properly construct a sentence and what mistakes/errors to look out for, is really helpful. I feel I'm getting a better understanding of every unit as they are all connected.