Cite vs Site - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This video covers the difference between 'cite' and 'site'. These two words often cause confusion for English learners due to their similar spelling. The word 'cite' is used as a verb and means to make reference to someone or something, like citing experts in a paper. The word 'site', on the other hand, is used as a noun and describes a location or place, like the site of an earthquake or the site of a war. We are sure you won?t confuse the two words again.

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This unit discusses some ideas of how to teach a new language rather than just the 'rule' of grammar or parts of speech. Helpful ESA models are given as suggestions for applying what we've learned here into the classroom in order to help the students learn English more efficiently.In this unit, The best thing I've learned are how to select the vocabulary for my students, and how do I teach the grammar more clearly . Firstly, I'll try my best to follow the procedure and also help my co-workers to use some activities which I've learned in this lesson. ThanksIt was very easy to understand this unit after linking it to my teaching methods. This unit gave me a better insight as to what to focus on most when teaching new vocabulary or grammar. It will take some time but I will definitely work towards following these points in my classroom.