Defuse vs Diffuse - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This video covers the difference between 'defuse' and 'diffuse'. Their similar spelling and pronunciation make them a word pair that is often confused. The word 'defuse' refers to the action of making a situation less harmful or tense, whereas 'diffuse' means to spread over a wide area. Watch the video for detailed examples on the two words.

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This was a well-presented unit. I found it to be very informative, it has cleared up many doubts that I had about Teaching the future tense, especially the differences between using going to and will.I also enjoyed the games that are presented in the video to teach the future tense.I find this to be a unit that deals with finer aspects of the English language, which I find refreshing. This is the type of detail that rightly rounds off the basics of Learning the English language. I shall find this unit most helpful in the future. Thank You for this lovely unit.In this unit I have learnt how a teacher plans their lessons what to include and how to produce it also was very interesting the examples of a standard lesson plan format and the sequences of the lessons and when the teacher should consider to incorporate several kind of activities.