In vs At - English Grammar - Teaching Tips


This video covers the difference between 'in' and 'at' when used to indicate a location. They often cause confusion for English learners as they both refer to a location in a sentence. However, 'in', as a preposition of place, is usually used to talk about the position of someone or something inside large places such as countries, continents, big cities and similar, while 'at' is used to refer the position of someone or something inside small and unimportant places such as villages or small towns.

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In this unit I learnt that grammar, vocabulary and functions go hand in hand. Therefore as teachers we have to ensure that students are introduced to a new language in a balanced and manageable way, the student should understand that not lesson is more vital than the other, they go this unit I learned some useful trick in order to go work in another country. it is very important to know the culture and what we are getting into. Discipline doesn't have the same meaning from one country to another. We have to adapt ourselves and make sure that we don't offend anybody.I feel for an introduction unit, it was a great outline of what to expect in the futher units. Giving a brief description on the others units, and just scratching the surface of business english in the introduction unit, is really helpful. I feel as though I am prepared to take on the units.