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S.S. - Italy said:
Evaluation is a way to see student?s progress and how they are responding to the activities designed and planned for them. The results we get from evaluation will give us information about what points we need to reinforce, and what aspects of our teaching still need to be brushed up, or change. Therefore, evaluation will take us to assets students through all the process of learning. Besides them, by evaluating students, we can make a decision if a student certainly deserves to be passed to the next level or course. Tests and exams are good tools to measure students? progress in the different skills that they must be improving. The type of evaluation we use is in my workplace is a final written exam at the end of every month, after completing three units from our course book. The exam evaluates listening, grammar, vocabulary; question formulation and answering questions which let us measure students? goals achievements. Besides a written examination, students also have an oral examination that let teachers evaluate students? oral production in accuracy and fluency. Besides the evaluation we give to our students, we also provide students with an evaluation that lets them check how they are doing in each unit and in every skill. Placement tests are also important to take the right decision in placing a student in the right level. Practice tests are really helpful for students who plant to take external exams. It helps students familiarize with the structure of the exams.