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This unit was very helpful in being able to compare an effective class with a not so effective one, as well as observing a class in a video versus reading about it. There are lots of small changes a teacher can do that may not be very noticeable to students, but after learning about ESA and good qualities of a teacher, it is clear how these changes make a big difference. The students in the second video were much more engaged, willing to participate and the atmosphere was much more inviting and enjoyable compared to the first video.This lesson focused on the teaching of productive skills - that is writing and speaking. It described the different contexts and goals of teaching a lesson that encompasses accuracy and fluency. There are ideal activities that are suited to practicing each skill. While speaking is almost always considered more important by students it is important for them to develop a fundamental understanding of the written word as well. This can be quite challenging because other languages have different alphabets, punctuation, formats, and more.