TESOL Kaduna

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T.A. - South Africa said:
From this unit I have learned, various methods and techniques to teach English as a second language. Teacher should try to provide maximum exposure to the students to learn the language in a natural way, or to learn it through discovering on their own. Teacher should plan a lesson according to the level of the class, considering certain aspects like, during engage stage high student talk time,students should be encouraged to speak,think and to contribute. During study stage the main focus should be on the construction of a language, elicitation from students,then teacher can cover if any gaps in knowledge, and getting worksheets done from students.During activate stage students should be encouraged to use language freely, focus should be more on the fluency rather than accuracy.Last stage is giving feedback to the students - The aim of giving feedback is to encourage students and improve them continuously. while giving feedback teacher's approach should be positive. Teacher should always encourage and praise students for the work they have done.while making written corrections teacher should use codes for neater correction and it gives a chance to the students to correct their own work. I have also learned that all methods and techniques are useful in their own way, but using a variety during lesson obviously gives better results.After all learning the second language is a journey from Nature to Nurture, so always the educator plays a vital role in providing natural acquisition to it.