All Ears - English Idioms


The idiom "all ears" means that someone is very keen to hear what you have to say and you have his/her full attention. For example: Why are you crying? Tell me, I'm all ears. In this case, the person asking really wants to know the reason for the other person to be upset and crying.

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This unit was very important to me because it improved my confidence for when I conduct my first lesson. I learnt the do's and don'ts of the 1st lesson. I also learn how to create rapport with and within the children. I also learnt of the activities t do on the first day of class.In this unit we learned many of the versions of present tense. We learned Past Simple, Past Perfect, Past Continuous, and Past Perfect Continuous. We also learned the structure and usage of each of the present tenses as well as ways to teach each one in a normal classroom setting.This unit touched upon an important part of modern day technology and learning. It's great to learn about all the new ways to successfully and creatively expose students to new language through so many useful tools. It'll be interesting to see what my school offers in this regard!