TESOL Yongchuan

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S.S. - U.A.E. said:
Unit 10, video lessons has been extremely helpful when showing how to engage with the students. By not only using different methods and techniques during the video lessons; to help the students understand the point of the lesson, but to also show the attitude of the teacher and how much that can actually effect the classroom environment and how the students progress within the lesson. Video lesson one, wasn't taken into consideration of the level the students were at, and didn't make them feel comfortable enough to engage within the class and this will be a dyer effect for their learning. Lesson two, showed how the smallest differences can make students feel more welcome and comfortable which will help them gain the level of education they need to progress. By using such things as building a rapport when first coming into the lesson, and creating a positive and welcome atmosphere or the students to learn. The structure for the lesson planning for the second lesson was also laid out very good. Most parts of the lessons, the students were able to understand what was meant for them to accomplish. There were some errors within the second lesson, but by taken them into account, and being able to see the mistakes will help future lesson planning. overall i do believe that is was a great insight of how to make a good lesson achievable, and by inputting all of the methods and techniques which i have covered in previous units shows how effectively it can change the dynamic of a lesson.