Old Hand - English Idioms


The idiom "old hand" refers to someone with a lot of experience in doing something, for example: If you have any questions, ask Lisa. She's done this job before and is an old hand at project planning.

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Using materials and classroom exercises is an important part of teaching. Knowing what you should and shouldnt use will make you a great teacher. Lessons that include interesting and well adapted materials will make it easier for the students to pick up and make it sink in better.I appreciate the way the unit tests are structured in such a way that we have to learn the lesson and apply the theories taught to real life examples. This way, rathan than just memorize the materials taught and then repeat them int he tests, one have to understand how to use it.In this unit, I could clarify many topics related with the future tense, it's always important to have in mind the usages of each of the tenses so they can be well explained to the students and be off course well prepared on the activities and their goal can be reached effectively