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As well as previous units covering tenses (Present tenses and Past tenses) this unit provides a lot of useful information, something that can be used as a basis to build lessons on and can be turned into teaching materials. Future tenses is a slightly more complicated subject than other tenses because it utilizes present tenses (Present simple and continuous) and \"going to\" structure, which makes it more complicated to grasp and thus to teach, this unit does a great job providing all the information you need to know about those subjects to build a good explanation.The video did a very good job explaining modals and passive voice. The problem is that there was no video explaining the relative clause section of the unit. The workbook gave a very passing explanation of some of the concepts but not enough for me to fully understand what was going on. As a result, I have failed to learn this section. My answers on the quiz were pure guesses. I am not certain of the necessity of Relative clauses, their usage, or how to teach them. It is a section that I will probably ignore when planning classes because of my lack of understanding.