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G.P. – Germany said:
This unit covered conditionals and reported speech and gave some good teaching examples for each of these topics. Conditionals are sentences that contain \"if\" or \"when\" and refer to past, present, and future possible conditions. The five main conditionals are the zero, first, second, third, and mixed conditionals. A simple example of the zero conditional is \"You'll get wet if you stand in the rain\". An example of the mixed conditional is \"If I had stayed the course, I would be a nurse today\". The different conditionals may range in difficulty for the students to master because they use different forms and tenses. Reported speech is when a person hears one person say something and then reports what they heard to a different person. For example, if Betty said, \"I'm having a nice time tonight\", then Jane might tell Sue, \"Betty said that she is having a nice time tonight\". In most instances, tenses and pronouns and sentence structure will be changed as a person reports speech. Native speakers can effectively change reported speech without thinking much about it, but a student of English may have many challenges in understanding this and should be introduced to this very slowly.