Pink Slip - English Idioms


The idiom "pink slip" refers to a notice of dismissal from employment. The term originates from the United Booking Office established in 1906 where a cancellation notice was typed on a pink slip. Our example sentence is: Because he had worked so hard on his recent project, he was devastated to receive the pink slip from his boss.

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This unit allowed me to differentiate between authentic and created materials and analyze their advantages and disadvantages. It made me think about the situations where it would be suitable to use textbook, or material from other sources, and relate this to a Boomerang style ESA.Learning these things has been good for me as it will make me better at teaching the students. I enjoyed it, however there is a lot of things to remember and it can be a little overwhelming at times. It will be good for me to know in the future as it will make me a better teacher.I Feel I learnt a lot from this unit. A lot of the teaching techniques and structures are new to me and I found this unit to be very informative. I feel I now know how best to address different stages of learning and how best to structure lessons based on the level of the learner.