Sweet Tooth - English Idioms


The idiom "sweet tooth" refers to having a strong liking for sweet foods, for example: It's difficult for me to lose weight because I have a sweet tooth.

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There is a lot of information in this resource that I think will be able to use in all my lessons. I find that learners (the ones I have handled at least) give up on the future perfect tenses too quickly. I think the suggested activities here will be very useful in all my lessons.I really liked this unit because it offered a variety of ways to present the information to the students. This was one of my concerns - not knowing how to get students motivated or excited. I really liked how this unit presented ideas and different approaches to tackle this issue.It is very important that English teacher keeps evaluating the progress that his/her students have made, so it was interesting for me to know about different kinds of tests and their usage. It is also important to be able to place new students in class with correct language level.