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Throughout the course of this program, I have been asked many times what age I am interested in teaching. I appreciate that Unit 19: Teaching Special Groups provided information on the topic. After reviewing some advantages and difficulties to teaching children, business people, or multilingual groups I still have not made up my mind. I want to experience teaching them all before sticking to a group. I find that I am adaptive and creative to work well with each group. I also have a background in business which may work well with instruction English for business clients.Unit 5 is composed mainly of managing the classroom by: seat layout, how students are addressed, grouping, and balancing teacher talk time with student talk time. This unit gives great support to the area of organizing a classroom with real examples I can use when teaching learners. I would use internationally known gestures and hold eye contact with students to maintain class concentration. I would also split the class into pairs or groups when more student talk time is needed according to plan. It is shown that this unit provides many tools to better maintain a class.