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N.A. -Canada said:
The two productive skills are speaking and writing. For speaking skills I think a teacher should first of all be aware of the reasons why a student may be reluctant to speak and interact in order to create the classroom ethos where this begins to happen more spontaneously. Accuracy and fluency activities play an integral part in a successful TEFL lesson and are characterized mainly by the phase of the lesson in which they usually appear. They are of equal importance and interdependent. Accuracy activities are presented in a more controlled way, checking that students understand the language. This paves the way for the more relaxed approach to fluency activities when students enjoy the opportunity to use the language in a more creative way. For writing skills, writing activities can be a challenge for students for whom English is a first language, so one can only imagine how difficult it must be for those who are English language learners.After considering the grammar, spelling, handwriting, punctuation, layout and vocabulary as additional issues for a writing activity the teacher must ensure that her students learns, and understands the different forms of writing and can apply them in the correct situations