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I had no idea how many present tense forms there were until I read this unit. I thought it was simple and straightforward and that I already knew the answer, but this section really opened up my eyes to see there is much more to it. Understating the different between present simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous is very important. It is also great that this unit was able to break it down into form, usage, typical student errors, and activate stage teaching ideas. This can be a great reminder and refresher for proper grammar and usage in present tense form.This is the last unit in the course where I have learnt more ideas when facing problems in class. I have learnt how to do warmer part when having different groups and levels of students. When teaching students who are unwilling to work, teachers are supposed to have productive skills to encourage students to speak or practice instead of forcing them to learn. Being an ESL teacher is not easy but definitely rewarding based on the units I have learnt in this course. I am ready for the teaching and I will do my best to put what I have laernt here to good use in the future.