How to Pronounce 'ARMADA' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word armada. This word refers to a large fleet of warships. The word has been in use ever since the Spanish naval forces lost against England in 1588.

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This unit is basically about teachers and learners.Their characteristics and aims.A good teacher should make the lesson varied and interesting.This will in turn motivate the students to learn in a relaxed environment.A teacher should be charismatic ,self conscious and knowledgeable.Unit 5a gives many examples of what kind of materials to use in the classroom. It has an example of a word search, pictures of animals, and flashcards. Each can be adapted into learning a target language or grammar point. It also reviews on Unit 5 of the standard ESA lesson planning.its good that they show us the different material that why can use for a class, and the ways it can be used. the good thing and the bad ones about them. the material need to be adapted to the student need and necesities, some material can inadequeate for some students. ages, genders.