How to Pronounce 'ASSAILANT' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word assailant. This word is used as a noun and refers to a person who physically attacks another person with the goal of doing harm. Some synonyms for assailant can include attacker, mugger and assaulter.

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This course was a little more difficult for me as far as, \"Patchwork.\" I will be rereading the lesson to try and further understand the boomerang and patchwork sections. With that aside, I think this course was very useful and helpful in terms of Corrections, Methodology, and ESA.Unit 6 The Pat Tenses bring us a clear over view about the system and structure of English Past Tenses. Unit 6 allowed me to understand certain similarities in usage and form emerging. Unit 6 grammar explanation is very clear and simple and it is extremely helpful to any ESL teacher.In this unit i gotten the opportunity to see to different classes and be able to learn fro them.It closely shows me how important lesson planning is important and also the teachers attitude to the students.With this i mind i now know i need to be very flexible in my lessons planning.