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R. B. - Japan said:
This unit on teaching special groups was very interesting for me. Going in to it, I was hoping that there would be a section on teaching online groups individually or in a group. However, I really enjoyed the section on teaching English to business students because I didn't realize that the teacher doesn't need any background in the business industry. I believe that teaching beginners would be very fulfilling because of the improvements that can be seen, and I think the hardest group would be monolingual group because of the temptations that the students would have. In this unit, I learned about the do's and don't with children and the important discipline that is involved with children. I think it is also important when the unit said to START firm, and gradually relax the environment so that the students know that you are in control. This will be a challenge for me because I like to gain confidence before being firm with someone. However, I am prepared to teach varying groups of English learners and I am very excited to do so!